Hookah Pipes

At Shisha Gold We are the authorized distributors of “Healthy Hookah” in Australia. Healthy Hookah® is an edible flavour enhancer made from natural ingredients in the form of a gel. It is absolutely tobacco and nicotine free. It safely produces a satisfying vapor which gives the feeling of ordinary Hookah. Healthy Hookah® is unique, with its aroma and pure flavour without the harmful affects of tobacco to you or those around you..Healthy Hookah® provides a pure flavour that lasts longer. Buy hookah pipes online with us.

Hookah Pipes

Each shisha package includes…

  • 3.5 hour service
  • Bump in / out
  • Trained shishagold staff on the night
  • Shisha
  • Shisha liquid flavours
  • Disposable hose & mouth pieces

we offer a

trial night

contact us for details here – https://www.shishagold.com.au/contact-us/

Our Shisha Package

PACKAGE # 1 : $375

5 Shisha
additional Shisha charged at $50 ea

PACKAGE # 2 : $475

8 Shisha
additional Shisha charged at $45 ea

PACKAGE # 2 : $625

12 Shisha
additional Shisha charged at $40 ea

Why shishagold

Tobacco & Nicotine Free

Shishagold uses a natural food grade flavour enhancer in the form of a liquid. Made in the USA, it is absolutely tobacco and nicotine free.

Authentic Experience

Shishagold is the closest experience to smoking tobacco based shisha due to its flavour profile, aromatics and vapour form.

It’s Safe

Shishagold has been tried and tested in the USA as a safe product without the health risks associated with tobacco and nicotine.

Flavour Options

Shishagold comes in a variety of traditional & contemporary flavours allowing users to mix and match according to their taste preference.

No Flame or Fire Hazard

Shishagold uses an electronic head negating the need for flames and charcoal. This eliminates any fire hazard and burn damage potential.

Environmentally Friendly

The vapour generated dissipates quickly with no lingering fumes, smell or harmful effects associated with tobacco. The vapour volume can be adjusted and controlled by the electronic head.

Get Hookah Pipes

Unique experience

Be Different

Create a unique patron experience at your venue.

Increase Cover Charge & Bar Revenue

More people through your doors and at your bar – become a venue of choice

Boost Booth Bookings & Revenue

Incorporate the shishagold experience as part of your Booth and VIP Packages.

Theme Nights

Create theme nights around the shishagold experience.

Staff On The Night

We provide trained staff to deliver the shishagold experience on the night. Our staff are easily identifiable and compliment your venue.


We can provide marketing support by way of brochures, posters, giveaways and promoting your venue via our website & social media pages.

Custom Shisha

We can design and brand Shisha for your event and/or venue.

Shisha Experience