Breeze – Watermelon

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Breeze – Watermelon

Pack’s A Punch

Ever been hit in the face by a whole watermelon? Well now you can!! Healthy Hookah® Breeze – Watermelon Jam is a deliciously sweet, best selling jam packed with flavour.

Free “Ceramic Bowl Head” with every order when you purchase 3 or more bottles (any size or flavour).

Healthy Hookah® is an edible flavour enhancer made from natural ingredients in the form of a gel. It is absolutely tobacco and nicotine free. It safely produces a satisfying vapour which gives the feeling of ordinary Hookah. Healthy Hookah® is unique, with its aroma and pure flavour without the harmful affects of tobacco to you or those around you.. Healthy Hookah® provides a pure flavour that lasts longer.

Tobacco & Nicotine Free: Compared with the traditional method of smoking, there are no harmful substances such as tobacco and nicotine which have been known to cause cancer.

Food Additives: Natural food additives, there are only natural food additives in the form of a gel

Without smoke and bad smell: Without sticky stinky smell or any unpleasant odours on your clothes or furniture

Practical: Easy to use and does not require any experience. Can be used with all kind of available equipment.


We have named this product the “Healthy Hookah”, because it is designed to be a non-nicotine, non-tobacco alternative to traditional hookahs. However, we do not claim, nor do we make any warranty (express or implied), that using this product is healthy, or that any healthful effect will result from the use of this product. Should you experience any type of allergic reaction or physical discomfort after using this product, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention as required. Also, be careful not to touch the hot bowl of the product during use of the hookah, and for at least two hours following such use.

These statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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